Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mid-Summer Update-Plea for Support

The summer is zipping by, which is a bit scary to us.  I just reviewed my May blog post which contained the list of things we were trying to accomplish over the summer.  Of a list of 11 items, one item is definitively completed.  Some items are based on events that are still in the future. Others appear to not have changed at all although they have had effort put into them.  Still others we have not even gotten to. While others are a work in progress.

Our number one item on the list for this summer was to raise support.  We have had some really great conversations with the Asia Team from our church, friends, family and new acquaintances about the ministry and what it does.  We are sharing our need and information about Threads of Hope every opportunity we get.  Even after all of those attempts, we are no further towards our monetary goals.

Our support level is the number one measurement we use to determine that we are on track with God's will for us to return to the Philippines. We understand that many missionaries operate below 100%.  We have never gotten to 100% so we are used to that.  But we are back sliding to a point where we are using our savings to pay for expenses some months.  As missionaries we are not creating any kind of retirement funds so depleting what we have saved along the way is a bit disconcerting as retirement age approaches. Jim will be 59 in August, and I am not far behind him.

This support raising stuff is still new to us.  We are far from experts.  It is not a fun thing to do either. But out of necessity, we have gotten more bold in the asking for help area. Our monthly deficit is $1,200. Any help you could offer in that regard would be appreciated.  Every little bit counts.  God calls us all to serve His Kingdom in different ways.  Our call has been to go to the field and get our hands dirty, while your call my be to pray or assist financially.  Whatever the call, we are partners in this ministry; lifting it up together.  Without your help, we can't do our part.
We have served Threads of Hope since January of 2011 in some capacity.  Whether we are in the US or in the Philippines, we would want to serve the ministry.  We don't want to be put in a situation where we are not allowed to return to the field until we raise more funds.

Could you please help us directly?  Or if you are already supporting us, would you please talk to a few of your family members or friends who may be willing to support us financially at any level.  We would love the opportunity to present Threads of Hope to anyone who would like to hear about it.

We can be reached at 920-751-3687 or

Jim will return to the Philippines on September 1, so our time in the States is half over already.  That creates a little urgency.  We need help, whatever that looks like.  If you would like to set up an account to support us, please contact First Love International by clicking HERE.  You can choose from a one-time donation or on-going support.  Just follow the prompts.

We thank you, in advance, for your consideration and prayers.

Serving Him who serves us all,
Julie and Jim Marsh
Threads of Hope Inc.