Friday, May 6, 2016

Heading Home

On May 17th we will be headed home for the summer.  It will be a very busy time.

We have a few goals we need/hope to accomplish while in the States.

1) raise more support (we are under 75%).
2) attend some festivals that will give us the opportunity to share the ministry and create awareness and sell lots of products so that money can go towards our support for 2016-2017.
3) get rid of some of our belongings that are taking up space in our house.
4) spend time with Mom and other family members.  We have a birthday celebration for both boys planned in Nashville over Memorial Day (which is Will's birthday).  Ben's birthday was in March.
5) see Will play drums with one of his bands.
6) share in the marriage of Will to Renae Augustyn in August.
7) get the new order form in place to be available on the new website for Threads of Hope. (The site will be launching very soon!)
8) create a database or at minimum add some functionality to the way we can order products in Aninuan so that the changes are ready for when we return in September.
9) get a system in place that will allow us to send mass statements to our TOH customers to remind them to send payments and unsold products back to us in a timely manner.
10) take a complete product inventory.
11) update the blog about the birthing center progress and the high school.  Both should open while we are gone.

As you can see, this is not really a furlough. We are just changing the location that we are doing our work with hopefully a little down time sprinkled in.  We want to try to get to some of the projects we don't have time for when we are here.  (We could use some clones or tag team partners!)

We look forward to seeing all of you over the summer.
We serve an AWESOME GOD!
Julie and Jim