Thursday, December 24, 2015

Building the Birthing Center and Beyond

We started out in September of this year trying to design a two-story building that would have two distinct functions.  The first floor would be to house the existing thread store and storage room. The front rooms of the high school are the current home of the Threads Store. 

The second floor would be living quarters for the Coltrane family.  The roof of that building would be a spot where we can build a shading roof and rails so that area can be used as part of daily living space for homeschooling, hanging laundry, devotion time.  The views will be amazing.  Outdoor living is the norm here based on the always toasty temperatures. 

An initial sketch of the quarters we will be building

Then, along came the donation, out of the blue, of the birthing center contents. So as you can image, the direction got changed quickly.  The birthing center became the priority to be completed.

Birthing Home specs

Because we have guests that come for a month at a time several times a year, the World Racers.

World Racers monkeying around!

 We have 14 Racers here now. And because the space they use when they are here happens to be rooms of the high school, we are now focused on building that two-story building mentioned above, but using the ground floor for guests and the 2nd floor for Coltranes.  We have a spot on the hill picked out for the building already.  

Quarters to go to the right of the mango tree with tent cover.

After those quarters are built, we will begin a separate house for the Coltranes further up the hill.  Then the guest quarters would move to the second floor and the store would move out of the high school and into the lower level of the two-story building.

Of course, all of this can change at a moment's notice.  It has already changed several times.  But, the buildings will be build in 2016.  At least the first two will be.  We will notify you of the progress as we go along.

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